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Destination Software Announces TONS of Games

by Jonathan Metts - November 8, 2001, 10:25 am EST
Source: DSI Release List

The brand-new developer/publisher has two GameCube and several GBA titles on the way, many of them handheld ports of Electronic Arts games.

Thanks to our friends at AdvanceGB, we now have confirmation that Destination Software, Inc. plans to release a huge number of titles for Nintendo systems in 2002...not bad for a company that was only born this year.

The new GameCube titles are:

Snood - Q3 2002

Road Rash: Jailbreak - Q3 2002

And here's the list for GBA:

Tiger Woods 2002 PGA Tour - Q1 2002

Medal of Honor - Underground - Q1 2002

Formula-1 Racing - Q2 2002

Supercross - Q2 2002

Road Rash – Jailbreak - Q3 2002

Need for Speed – Porsche Unleashed - Q3 2002

Baldur's Gate – Dark Alliance - Q4 2002

NBA 2002 Basketball - Q4 2002

Snood 2 - Q4 2002

Thunderstrike - Q4 2002

You'll notice that many of these games are Electronics Arts properties; Destination and EA signed on a deal back in September for the former to produce GBA ports of many popular EA franchises.

Destination Software has already released Snood for GBA this year, and Midnight Club Racing will be out tomorrow. Smuggler's Run is set to ship on December 10. We should have lots more info and screenshots of these games in the very near future.

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