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by Zosha Arushan - November 7, 2001, 4:26 pm EST
Source: The GIA

We love Game Arts. Game Arts loves us. MORE LUNAR LOVE!

Game Arts is porting Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete to the GBA. It appears to be a port of the PSX/Saturn remake. Obviously there's going to be some things cut. Here's what The GIA had to say:

GameArts recently announced that it would be porting its popular title Lunar: Silver Star Story to the Nintendo GameBoy Advance. The game, which has already appeared on the PlayStation, Sega CD, and Sega Saturn (only in Japan), will be produced by Yoichi Miyaji and will have certain elements scaled down for the portable version. While the term "scaled down" wasn't elaborated on, it can be assumed that the game's cutscenes will appear more in line with the original Sega CD release rather than the FMV present for the PlayStation and Saturn versions, and that voice acting will disappear entirely. The GBA version will retain the same menus used in the original, but will add a new feature to combat creatively called "Special Attack."

Neither Working Designs, which has handled the English-language releases of Lunar in the past, nor Ubi Soft, which currently handles most of the English GameArts releases, have commented on whether or not the GBA version will be released outside of Japan. Lunar: Silver Star Story for GameBoy Advance is currently set for a February 2002 release date in Japan.

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