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Happy Halloween!

by Max Lake - October 31, 2001, 4:00 pm PST

A Boo to you from Planet GameCube!

Halloween is a time of witches, ghouls and ghosts… It’s a holiday of tricks and treats, monsters and mayhem; bloody corpses and free candy. Simply put, it’s one of the coolest holidays ever.

It’s also the last day of October and the dawning of November is but hours away. Halloween is the last major holiday prior to GameCube launch and the day of reckoning draws ever closer. There’s nothing scary about that of course, unless you’re worried about something like this happening…

Fans of frightening material can appreciate the fact that GameCube will launch with the eerie Luigi’s Mansion, and will eventually host the entire Resident Evil series and Silicon Knight’s psychological horror, Eternal Darkness… That’s a bit off though… Perhaps for Halloween 2002 we’ll be able to do a great article on scary games. Who knows what will manifest itself between now and then?

This year it will be extra-special if you’re trick or treating in the moonlight. If you’ve ever heard the expression, “once in a blue moon”, you may appreciate that tonight will be a blue moon—a rare second full moon within one month. Ever rarer, this will be the first time since 1944 that there has been a full moon on Halloween and it won’t happen again for a long time. You know what that means…. WATCH OUT FOR WEREWOLVES TONIGHT!

Here at PGC, we haven’t done too much Hullabaloo for All Hallow’s Eve, although Billy claims he’d dress up as a Pikmin, if he only had time (more like, if he’d only stop playing Pikmin). “How hard could a Pikmin costume be?” Billy mused, “It’d be like an inverted ghost with a leaf!”

Meanwhile, GameCubicle decided to celebrate the holiday by holding a pumpkin carving contest with a couple remarkable results we’ve been allowed to share with you!

A damn fine pumpkin carving.

w o w

If you have any great holiday stories or costumes you wanna talk about or share, hit the talkback and chat it up! Have fun, be safe and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

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