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Treasure Investigates GameCube

by Max Lake - October 30, 2001, 2:12 pm PST
Source: GC-Inside

One of the coolest game makers in the world is looking into possible NGC development.

According to GC-Inside, Japanese development house Treasure have announced it is currently evaluating the GameCube as a console opportunity and are very much interested in creating games for the platform if the investigation goes well.

Treasure was formed when its president Masato Maegawa became independent of KONAMI in 1992, taking with him developers who worked on some of the first Contra and Castlevania games. Since then, Treasure has gained a fantastic reputation for creating noteworthy games that are creative and action-packed. Past Treasure releases include Gunstar Heroes, Alien Soldier, Dynamite Headdy, Mischief Makers, Bangai-O and Sin and Punishment.

There have been rumors that Sin & Punishment may come to GameCube for North America but this is Treasure’s first official declaration of interest in the GameCube. Treasure is currently involved with GBA development, with Tiny Toons: Buster’s Bad Dream.

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