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Breaking! Hard Drive Card for GameCube

by Max Lake - October 29, 2001, 2:11 pm PST
Source: Genken Ascii

It seems like IBM has just announced an very interesting device for the Cube.

The publication Genken Ascii has revealed that there will be portable IBM hard disk card for the Nintendo GameCube, which can be inserted into the NGC’s high speed port.

The IBM card is about the size of a floppy disk with a max capacity seemingly of 1GB. The device can act as an expansion of A memory.

IBM Hard Drive Card

We’ll have more on this as it develops. Thanks to the readers in this PGC forum thread who brought it to our attention!

Semi-Update (aka: more info provided by Mike S)

This device that the article speaks of is most likely the IBM Microdrive. The Microdrive is basically a really small hard drive. The hard drive platters are a bit bigger than a quarter. The max size right now is 1GB. Which, according to the article, is the storage size of this device.

Keep this in mind folks. The device in that picture is NOT an IBM Microdrive. It is a Compact Flash card (made by TDK, at that). But the Microdrive is about the same size as that.

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