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What would you do for a GameCube?

by David Trammell - October 27, 2001, 11:02 am PDT

Five finalists have been chosen to perform their wacky stunts for a GameCube. What will each of them be doing? There's only one way to find out...

How does a NINTENDO GAMECUBE, a Game Boy Advance, a video game software package, and $5,000 in cash sound to you? Well, it sounded great to a lot of other people as well. Nintendo asked people what they would do for a GameCube and many people responded. Out of the plethora of crazy stunts that were sent in, five people have been selected to compete for the grand prize.

Would you ask your girlfriend to marry you while wearing a Mario outfit while she

is in a Peach outfit? 26 year old Jason Siler of Chicago IL would.

Would you eat a Nintendo GameCube size replica made of uncooked Spam, cat food, and chocolate syrup? 16 year old Lizzy Joseph of Phoenix, AZ would.

Would you (could you) juggle an NES, SNES and an N64 dressed as Mario while whistling the Mario theme. 24 year old Jeffrey Hildack of Rochester NY is going to try.

Would you become the first ever human Pikmin by covering your entire body in paint, shaving your head, wearing a leaf on your head and eating 'Pikmin' food (various insects)? 19 year old Corey Olcsvary of Midlothian TX would.

Finally, would you paint several Nintendo logos onto a tapestry using your tongue

and various condiments? 16 year old Mathew Knapp of Kaycee WY would.

Each of the lucky finalists mentioned above will receive round trip transportation to and

from San Francisco for themselves and a guest, as well as hotel accommodations for two nights. All five of them will get a GameCube if they complete their stunt, but only one Grand Prize winner will emerge victorious with the entire grand prize package. The event will take place on Thursday, November 1 from 6:00 to 7:30 p.m. at the San Francisco Cube Clube (145 Jefferson Street in San Francisco).

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