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Majesco Games Get Shafted

by Jonathan Metts - October 24, 1999, 2:11 pm EDT
Source: Majesco

Here's a great idea...let's make games and not tell anyone!

As we reported a few days ago, Majesco has two practically unheard-of GBA games on the way -- Caesar's Palace Advance: Millennium Gold Edition, and Aerial Aces. Since then we've gathered some new info on this silent duo. Apparently Aerial Aces will be out very soon, most likely in November, while according to reader PBN and Doug Hill (of RPGamer), Caesar's Palace Advance is already out.

So why haven't we heard more about these games? According to Majesco, the company does not consider them high-priority titles and therefore does not want them to divert attention away from other games such as Boxing Fever and Dark Arena. We'll be trying to rent these games and get some more info first-hand for our readers, but simply put, Majesco isn't interested in promoting or even talking about these brand-new GBA titles.

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