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Sega and THQ Team Up

by Jonathan Metts - October 11, 2001, 10:25 am EDT
Source: Sega Press Release

The two giant companies will co-publish 16 GBA titles between now and 2003. New game announcements inside! Updated with TYP's comments from the teleconference.

Today Sega announced that they will be co-publishing all their GBA titles with THQ until 2003. The agreement includes 16 Game Boy Advance games, ten of which are still unnamed. The confirmed titles are:

Sonic the Hedgehog Advance

House of the Dead Pinball

Columns Crown

Puyo Pop

Unnamed Major League Baseball Title

Sega Smash Pack

All six will be released in North America by March 2002. Note that this is the first word of HotD Pinball, Columns Crown, and Puyo Pop coming to North America at all. The MLB-licensed baseball title is newly announced, and the Smash Pack was mentioned back at E3 but has not been heard from since...until now. Here's the press release's description of the MLB game:

MLB-licensed game (working title) -
Enjoy America's favorite pastime on GBA,

featuring real Major League Baseball players and fields. Follow teams throughout the season to the pennant race, solo or multiplayer though the Game Boy Advance Game Link.

The remaining ten games under the deal will be co-developed by Sega and THQ. There is currently a teleconference call underway regarding this announcement, and we'll update the story if any new information surfaces.

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