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Square still planning for GBA?

by Max Lake - October 9, 2001, 4:16 pm EDT
Source: Video Senki

Or are they? Following the Sony & Square announcement Square’s president dropped hints…

Thanks to Video Senki, we have more information regarding the Sony / Square deal; namely, translated highlights of the Q&A session following the announcement. Two questions answered by Square president Nao Suzuki are of particular interest to Nintendophiles.

Q: Are you limiting yourselves to the PlayStation platform with SCE's investment?

Suzuki: The PS is an extremely popular platform, so we don't see any disadvantage in supporting it. We are planning to continue pursuing opportunities to supply games on portable systems like Nintendo's.

Q: You were reportedly in discussions with Nintendo about Game Boy Advance development; does this have any impact on those talks?

Suzuki: We are still progressing with those plans. We don't believe the portable and home console markets conflict with each other. If SCE decides to release a portable machine, though, that's a different story. For the time being, though, our stance towards Game Boy Advance and the WonderSwan has not changed at all. What happens next depends on the hardware developers.

Check out the rest of the translated Q&A highlights at Video Senki! Thanx to THE WINDEY DALE for pointing this out.

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