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Nintendo goes GBA Color Crazy!

by Mike Sklens - October 5, 2001, 12:08 pm EDT
Source: EAGB

Nintendo is releasing three new colored GBAs in Japan. Check out these cool units!

Japan has been getting special GBAs ever since launch. They've already gotten 2 Pokemon GBAs and now there're getting a triple impact of colors. One of the new colors, Midnight Blue, is available only at Toys R Us in Japan. It is being released to commemorate the 10th birthday of Toys R Us Japan. The other 2 colors are DAIEI Orange and DAIEI Black. In Japan, the DAIEI Hawks are one of the most popular baseball teams. DAIEI Orange is a transparent orange color and DAIEI Black is transparent black. All three new colors are Limited Edition. Below are pictures of the Midnight Blue and DAIEI Orange GBAs.

Sexxxy Midnight Blue GBA Ultra l33t Transparent Orange GBA

Midnight Blue Box Orange Julias

UPDATE: It appears there is another new GBA. This one if also for a popular Japanese baseball team, the Tokyo Yomiuri Giants. The Giants GBA is just a normal Milky Blue GBA, with the Giants mascot on it.

Giants GBA Giants GBA box


Check out this new picture of the DAIEI Orange GBA. It shows off the system's black back!

Sexiest GBA EVAR

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