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Advance WARS Guide is up!

by Zosha Arushan - October 4, 2001, 3:06 am EDT
Source: http://www.planetgamecube.com/specials.cfm?action=...

What? PGC making a guide? It's true.

Well ever since the entire staff of PGC fell in love with IS's little wonder in cart format, we've heard of people having trouble with the game.

So Rize (David) and I were talking and decided to go ahead and attempt to write a comprehensive guide to the game. We know it can be difficult at times -- even other staff members needed a bit of advice!

As of now we've only written about the COs, Units and walked you through Field Training. While we've both completed Campaign mode, we're still writing up the missions for that. Don't worry though, we promise it won't take too long. Unless Andres takes forever in coding the thing.

In other plans, we wish to have PGC mutiplayer maps for you do download as a PDF or similar file so that you can share the PGC love with your friends via multiplayer.

We'll also (when we're done with Campaign and Advance Campaign strategies) be making a thorough write-up for each of the War Room maps and hopefully help get you all of the secrets this little gem hides.

So wish us luck and be sure to pester David, Andres, or myself if you think we're taking too long between updates. Heh.

For Orange Star and Victory!

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