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Julian Speaks!

by Billy Berghammer - September 29, 2001, 8:52 pm PDT

Factor 5 corrects our story about the number of missions and secret missions in Rogue Leader: Rogue Squadron 2. Well, we were on the right track at least...

Julian Eggebrecht sent us an e-mail today letting us know that what we were told yesterday by a Team Nintendo representative was incorrect. We apologize to Factor 5, the readers, and the people trapped in the missions that we didn't know about. We will not forget you.

According to Julian, there are 10 regular missions in the Main Campaign, but there is also a training mission on Tattoine. As far as secret missions, Julian has assured us that our number of only 2 was "pretty far off."

So as it stands...there are 11 missions (10 plus training), and at least TWO secret missions. Yes, the secret missions need to be unlocked.

Thanks to Julian for giving us the OFFICIAL heads up!

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