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Tetris Worlds Ships for GBA

by Jonathan Metts - September 24, 2001, 9:17 pm EDT
Source: THQ Press Release

Must...drop...more...blocks! Tetris is coming back to handhelds on Tuesday, and we've got the details.

Over the years since Henk Rogers brought it out of the Soviet Union, Tetris has become a true video game phenomenon, and a big part of its success is the portable version that debuted with Nintendo's Game Boy back in the late 80s.

Now the series is coming back to Game Boy with Tetris Worlds on GBA, complete with new modes and the ever-popular two-player feature. Now you can tackle the "Fusion Tetris" and "Hot-Line Tetris" modes, among several others and the classic version.

Contrary to what Henk Rogers told PGC at E3, Tetris Worlds GBA was developed at 3D6 Games and not at Blue Planet Software...it's not clear whether that was simple miscommunication or if the project changed hands at some point. Also worth noting is that the game was originally planned to have four-player support (possibly off one cartridge), and that has been pared down to two in the final version. No word yet on whether two-player is available with just one copy of the game.

We'll have more on Tetris Worlds very soon, including reviews.

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