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Capcom Vs. SNK 3 on GameCube? Umm…

by Max Lake - September 23, 2001, 2:18 pm PDT

Rumors abroad are flying about CVS3 on NGC. After doing some investigating & speaking with Capcom, PGC takes the confusion head on.

Lately, rumors concerning Capcom vs SNK 3 have been running around the Internet like Louie the Cat hopped up on bad catnip. Countless readers have sent in a deluge of email to PGC, pointing out that “Capcom vs. SNK3” for GameCube is appearing on release lists for Gamestop, Babbages and others, appearing as early as December 3rd. Many websites report the game will appear on GameCube and X-Box.

Throughout all the hoopla, PGC has remained silent. However, we have known about all this stuff for weeks, prior to any reports. So what’s the deal? We’re not trying to hold back “hot” info though; instead we’ve been thoroughly researching this enigma in order not to spread false info. Although full answers haven’t materialized, we’re ready to let you know what we’ve uncovered.

Awhile back, we received word from a handful retailers confirming the game popping up on their pre-order lists. Wasn’t this a confirmation? Shouldn’t we have run it? We were surprised by the news and eager to put the word out—but was it accurate? It seemed too fishy to jump the gun for our tastes…

The biggest clue that something was awry is the fact that Capcom vs. SNK 2 is only now appearing in Japan for Playstation 2 and Dreamcast. Although Capcom is certainly notorious for producing sequels galore, the likelihood of being able to produce another one so quickly is unheard of!

We held back and decided to contact Capcom, who are nice enough to talk to us every now and then. PR guru Jon Metts spoke to a Capcom rep who said nothing has been announced about Capcom vs. SNK 3 for GameCube, and laughed at the December release date that retailers were sending us... He did indicate big Capcom announcements would come for GameCube before Tokyo Game Show, which turned out to be the Resident Evil news.

But wasn’t the game on release lists everywhere? Gamestop even offered box art of the title as proof. Sadly, this “proof” turned out to be constructed filler, with CVS1 art and a poorly photoshopped “3.”

We then received a retail report from “Scummy,” an employee at Funcoland who was confused and with a fellow employee, actually phoned Capcom to ask about it. He too got laughed at, especially after the box art was pointed out.

Then it began to sink in that many of the retailers we were hearing the news from were a handful of the same ones: Gamestop, Babbages and Funcoland. Then we remembered Gamestop is the parent company of Babbages, Funcoland, and a few more stores… If the game was in the database for one of these chains, it would likely be in it for all of them.

Would-be retailer reporters contacted PGC and other websites, excited and confused by the appearance of the game on their lists. Subsequently, reports began to appear. PGC, feeling a little eager to say something, contacted yet another Capcom rep, getting the following official statement, neither a confirmation or a denial:

“We haven't currently announced anything regarding this title as we are focusing on the release of Capcom vs SNK 2.”

This makes it seem likely there could be a CvS3 sometime in the future for GameCube or X-Box… A December release seems beyond improbable however and we don’t expect that CvS3 will be coming to Cube anywhere, unless it's something like a remix of "2" titled “3” for licensing reasons. Or possibly, somebody made a boo-boo somewhere along the line, causing it to be listed in the computers as 3?

Whatever the case, it looking unlikely that a true sequel to CvS2 or any Capcom 2D game will appear on next-generation consoles in the foreseeable future.

Louie the Cat recently suggested that 2D fighters will be plentiful on the GameCube, presumably suggesting we were in store for all kinds of 2D goodness… It may be awhile in coming. With Activision securing exclusive rights to many of Marvel comic’s characters, the future of the Marvel vs. Capcom series is now cast into doubt. While Street Fighter & DarkStalkers and CvS will likely continue, The 2D experts on the CvS2 team are indicating Capcom vs SNK 2 will mark an end to current releases of Capcom 2D fighters.

From the Madman’s café comes an excerpt of an interview with CvS2’s producter, Noritaka Funamizu (taken from Softbank publishing's Bi-weekly Dreamcast Magazine, 9/28, 2001/vol.9):

"As I may have said before, this [title] will mark away one period to [our] 2D fighting games. Being such a title, the staffs have put in a lot of effort to it. [I] definitely want everyone to check it out. If you see it, you can experience all the details and fun which [we've] packed in it. Plus the multi-platform connection is a new challenge, so I would like [people] to try it out too. On the DC (laughs)."

Although the side of CvS2’s box art proclaims “2D shall never die!” in large Japanese letters, the interview seems to suggest that although Capcom won’t discontinue 2D fighters, it may not produce another 2D fighter for awhile. Additionally, it seems that some new aspects of 2D are on the horizon with the coming generation of consoles. Which very well may what Louie was referring to…

Although we cannot offer much resolution here, it’s worth noting that the release of Capcom Vs. SNK 2 in Japan has been quite remarkable. Famitsu’s reviewers even ranked it higher than any of the GameCube launch titles! Whereas Luigi’s Mansion got 34/40, and Super Monkey Ball and Wave Race: Blue Storm got 32/40, Capcom Vs SNK 2: MF20001 received 35 / 40! The game would certainly be a welcome addition to the GameCube library, whatever name, shape or form. Until we get official word or more solid info, we’re not getting excited.

Now please stop sending us emails about it.

UPDATE: We neglected to mention that the game has already been removed from Gamestop's release lists. Thanks to CubiclePoliceChief for the reminder!

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