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We're not DEAD!!!!

by Billy Berghammer - August 29, 2001, 11:43 pm EDT

We've finally gotten to a computer with Internet access! Word!

Yes, yes. We know we haven't updated from Japan for a couple of days. We had to check out of our hotel room a couple days early, and we crashed with the Tendo Box fellahs. We'd like to thank them for allowing us some floor space, and their hospitality.

Most of everyone has returned to the states, except for J-Dub and Myself. We've crashed with our Japanese correspondant Hong Hang Ho, and after cleaning the crap off his apartment floor, we have set up camp once again.

Outside of that, I'm glad to say that we're safe and well. We're trying to figure out how to jack my laptop into a pay phone and get some impressions, news, and other fun stuff online.

We picked up the post Spaceworld Famitsu which just hit news stands today, and out of the Top 10 games sold in Japan, here's the Nintendo titles...

2. Mario Kart Advance

3. Golden Sun

7. Derby Stallion 64

While perusing the new magazine, I found something that made me over-fill my depends. There's a picture of the Shiggy roundtable, and in the backround is, you guessed it, yours truly (and half of Adam Krause from TB's head) holding a video camera. Holy S£$T!!!1111 I'm going to run back and grab 50 more copies of the magazine and mail them to Louie. Heheheh.

Everything else here is fantastic. We've seen some of the sites, gotten lost about a zillion times, and eaten some really messed up stuff. Someone please send Pepto.

Looks like our bad ass PGC staff has kept the Nintendo love flowing quite nicely. J-dub is leaving in a day or two (or he'll be losing his job which would suck), and well...we'll see if I ever leave. Yes Louie, I'll be home soon.

Well, we gotta jet. I'll try to get us back online shortly with some PHAT updates and pictures. It's kind of crazy to think that GameCube launches in 15 days. The bomb is about to hit.


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