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Sonic Adventure 2 Confirmed???

by Jonathan Metts - August 20, 2001, 7:47 pm EDT
Source: GameSpot, Nintendo Kids

Some people are reporting that Sonic Adventure 2 for GameCube at Spaceworld is now officially confirmed. Could it be true?

This afternoon, several PGC readers (Pher_04005, jm_mad, Alberto Riol) emailed us about a Sonic Adventure 2 confirmation. Apparently the Japanese site GC-Inside reported the story, and its source was Nintendo Kids magazine from Japan. However, we decided not to run the story yet, because we don't have access to the magazine for verification, and Nintendo's online Spaceworld games list remained unchanged.

Then, just a few minutes ago, reader Christopher Garcia emailed us a link to the news at GameSpot VG. (You can see their story via the link above.) According to GameSpot, Sonic Adventure 2 is not only coming to GameCube, but will even be shown at Spaceworld in just a couple of days. They cite Nintendo's "official Space World 2001 games lineup" as the source of that information.

Unfortunately, we cannot at this time verify GameSpot's report either. Nintendo's online software list for Spaceworld has still not been updated in over a week, and that is the only official source we have readily available. GameSpot does have correspondents present in Japan for the show, and they may have an updated list from NCL that we don't. Billy and Justin Wood just left their hotel for Akihabara, and they're going to be on the lookout for anything related to this story.

We're not telling you that Sonic Adventure 2 is NOT going to be at Spaceworld; however, right now we are unable to backup these other reports. We wouldn't want to jump the gun and give you bogus or even shaky info with a topic this delicate.

Stay tuned to PGC throughout the night and on Tuesday. As soon as we get official confirmation or denial, this story will be updated.

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