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Majesco Announces Boxing Fever

by Jonathan Metts - August 10, 2001, 4:12 pm EDT
Source: Majesco Press Release

The spiritual successor to Mike Tyson's Punch-Out? Majesco hopes so...

The publisher of Iridion 3-D and Earthworm Jim for GBA today announced yet another handheld game, Boxing Fever. It will feature first-person, strategic boxing against fully animated opponents, each with a unique personality. The game's style will lean towards cartoony and humorous, but Majesco hopes the strategic gameplay and involved storyline will attract older gamers as well as young.

Unlike Midway's Ready 2 Rumble: Round 2, this game will fully support the link cable for two-player bouts. You can also trade passwords with a friend to unlock secret characters and extra skins for the boxers.

Check out our game profile for Boxing Fever via the sidebar link for more info. Here's the full press release:

Majesco Punches Up Their Game Boy Advance Line Up

With The Addition Of ‘Boxing Fever’

Innovative, Arcade-Style Boxing Game To Hit Stores This October

EDISON, NJ, August 9, 2001 – Further strengthening its position as a leading publisher for Game Boy Advance, Majesco, Inc today announced their entrance into the sports genre with Boxing Fever. Developed by Montreal-based Digital Fiction and slated for release in October, Boxing Fever is set to deliver an outrageously unique, and action-packed new boxing experience.

“Boxing Fever delivers a unique perspective that heightens player emersion through fast-paced action seen through the eyes of the boxer,” said Joseph Sutton, Executive Vice President, Majesco, Inc. “Additionally, the game’s stylish cartoon look and feel combines humor and strategy to attract both young and mature audiences.”

Boxing Fever’s innovative game play combines skill and strategy-based boxing, and utilizes full screen character animation technology optimized for the handheld’s small screen. Boxing from a first-person perspective, players hit the gym and to begin their training using a special robot trainer. Once a player has honed their skills, they can then move on to compete in the ring for five separate boxing championships. Utilizing the Game Boy Advance link cable, up to two players can compete against each other through five difficulty levels in multi-player mode. Boxing Fever’s high replay value is enhanced by the game’s password protected savestart-anywhere feature.

Boxing Fever features eight colorful, cartoon-style boxers and two other hidden bosses for players to unlock. Each character displays fluid signature boxing moves, a unique personality, and three different skins for players to earn. An innovative password combination system allows players to trade and combine passwords to get additional skins and Boss fighting privelages. Character skins can then be traded among players utilizing the link cable and a special password swapping feature. Extensive music, in-game narrative, and special effects convey motion and emotion to bring the game to life.

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