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New Info for Tekken GBA

by Jonathan Metts - August 8, 2001, 5:09 pm EDT
Source: GameSpot VG

The ultra-popular fighting franchise will appear on Game Boy Advance with 3D graphics and several gameplay modes.

GameSpot VG reports that Tekken GBA, in development at Sandbox Studios, will be in 3D, although it's not clear whether that label will apply to the graphics, gameplay, or both. Playable characters will include Jin Kazama, Paul Phoenix, Forest Law, Hwoarang, Gun Jack, King, Ling Xiaoyu, Nina Williams, and Yoshimitsu, according to the report.

Update: IGNpocket has posted its own version of this news, with some additional and sometimes conflicting information. According to IGN, the game is NOT being developed at Sandbox Studios (though apparently it was at one point), and it will be a port of Tekken 3 with added "Tag" features, possibly supporting up to three characters per team. Hopefully some of this will be cleared up at Space World in a couple weeks.

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