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GBA Games and Screens

by Michael Cole - July 28, 2001, 11:49 pm EDT
Source: The Magic Box

Check out new screens and game profiles for GBA games that will be at Space World!

Famitsu Magazine has released new screens and information about many of the GBA games that will be playable at Space World. Since we can neither get the magazine nor read Japanese, the good folks at the Magic Box provided the information.

The following games now have profiles as well as two screens:


Mysterious Retreat TV

Lunar Blade

Dokodemo Taikyoko: Yakuman Advance

The Legend of Starfi

Happy Panetchu

Tomato Adventure

These games have new screens:

Sabre Wulf

Diddy Kong Pilot

Advance Wars

Fire Emblem: Maiden of Darkness

Magical Vacation

We'll have more information and impressions of these games after Space World, but you may want to get familiar with all of these titles beforehand!

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