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GBA Games on the Chart

by Michael Cole - July 22, 2001, 8:24 pm EDT
Source: Magic Box

The Magic Box has a list of Japanese sales, and GBA is still doing fine!

This list is actually dated at July 2nd-8th, but it's still nice to see what has sold in Japan.

1: Yugioh Duel Monsters 5: Expert I

221,654 units sold (new)

3: Breath of Fire

22,236l units sold (new)

10: Tactics Orge Gaiden: The Knight of Lodis

13,466 units sold (200,741 Total)

11: Super Mario Advance

10,260 units sold (614,625 Total)

26: Choro Q Advance

4,489 units sold (12,499 Total)

30: Pawapuro Kum Pocket 3

3,906 units sold (192,210 Total)

Meanwhile, 94,380 GBA consoles were sold, more than any other console.

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