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WonderSwan Advance?

by Mike Sklens - July 19, 2001, 2:01 pm EDT
Source: EAGB.net

Some people just have too much free time.

French site Consoles-Portables has discovered a man who had a vision. Sandro Tison wanted to play his GBA games on a WonderSwan Color. So, he decided that he was going to. Sando has taken the guts of the GBA and put them inside the case of a WonderSwan Color. Keep in mind he's not emulating. In fact, the unit isn't really a WonderSwan Color at all anymore. Sandro took the WSC's case and buttons and wired them to work with the GBA's insides. It's sill pretty amazing to look at though. Only 3 lines of pixels were cut off when placing the GBA's screen inside the WSC. Sandro apparently is working on more ambitious projects, but exactly what is unknown. Either way, it's pretty odd to see F-Zero on the WonderSwan Color. You'll need to use if you want to read the article in English.

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