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New Screens of SSB Melee's Arenas

by Jonathan Metts - July 13, 2001, 10:18 am PDT
Source: NCL's Website

Ice Climbers level revealed, technical info on level design, and more!

Thanks to a tip from mew2baby, we've got NCL's newest screenshots for Super Smash Bros. Melee, which you can find at our image gallery for the game.

Each is a zoomed-out picture of a battle arena. Not all the levels are covered, but these pics show off Melee's intense detail. This is also our first real look at the Ice Climbers stage, which apparently has penguins to affect the gameplay and, if we're to believe the Babelfish translation, continues to scroll up well beyond this screenshot. The Ice Climbers level was not available at E3, so this is all new info to us.

If you read Japanese or are good at figuring out Babelfish Engrish, NCL's page also has some technical information explaining the level designs and the issues surrounding them. Probably very interesting stuff!

Thanks again to mew2baby for the heads-up. Also thanks to MoktuFarox for some clarification about the castle!

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