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Nintendo's GBA Beta Tour hits Minneapolis!

by Billy Berghammer - July 12, 2001, 6:38 pm EDT

Billy got a sneak peak of Mario Kart Super Circuit and Advance Wars! First ever Mario Kart Cartridge shots, and much more!

Today I was extremely fortunate to get a sneak peek of two of Nintendo's upcoming Game Boy Advance titles, Advance Wars, and Mario Kart Super Circuit. My buddy Ben and I got to have at them for a couple hours. I'll have an interview, plus previews and impressions coming shortly. Here's some Ultra super quick impressions....

Mario Kart Super Circuit:

Ben: It good.

Billy: This is really good.

Advance Wars:

Billy: It's the second coming of Christ!

I did say quick! Special thanks to Team Nintendo member Kelly Powell for taking the time to kick our asses all over the place in Mario Kart Super Circuit! Hehehehe. Here's a couple shots of the afternoon to tide you over until I get everything else online....enjoy!

Ben rockin' out
My buddy Ben who was a little late for work ;)

Probably the coolest mess EVAR!
Probably the coolest mess ever!

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Select a character!

ROM Cart front!
ROM Cart front!

ROM Cart back
The Back

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