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More Mario Kart Box Art

by Max Lake - July 10, 2001, 9:57 am EDT

Yesterday, PGC showed off the Japanese box art. Today, we've got the box art North America will be seeing... Plus a lil' news!

Yesterday, we posted the Japanese box art for Mario Kart Advance and today we’ve got the box art that parts outside of Japan will be receiving.

There is no indication of Mobile GB (i.e. online play) on this box (zoinks!) but there is note of a 4 player off 1 game cart function. Apparently, the 4 for 1 play in Super Circuit allows 4 players to race around a choice of four tracks, all of them playing a different colored Yoshi. If everyone has the cartridge, all options are available. It is unknown what this means in regard to four-people playing the same character simultaneously, something we’ve mentioned in our preview of Mario Kart Super Circuit.

PGC is getting hands on impressions of this title later this week (well, Billy is) so look for more details soon!

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