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King of Fighters - on GBA!

by Ty Shughart - July 4, 2001, 1:53 pm EDT
Source: MM Cafe

I'll never let go, SNK!

The Madman's Cafe has the dirt - and a LOT of screens! Check 'em! Oh yes, here's the article:

SNK's popular fighting game title, The King Of Fighters has been announced for release on Nintendo's GameBoy Advance. The GBA version will not be released by SNK, but a third party- Marvelous Entertainment.

Tentatively titled "The King Of Fighters -GameBoy Advance Version", the GBA version of KOF takes place in the blank time period between the Orochi Chapter and Nests Chapter. The scenario will be written by KOF novel writer Akihiko Ureshino.

Character graphics of the game are based from the Neo Geo version of KOF. Background graphics are from KOF99; KOF99 Evolution's clocktower stage is also confirmed.

Over 20 characters are scheduled to be in the game. Confirmed characters include- Kyo, Iori, Terry, Andy, Mai, Benimaru, Ryo, Robert, King, Kim, Chang, Choi, Pao, Sei Kensou, Ralf, Clark, and Leona. In addition, a new character(s) is scheduled to be released in the game.

"The King Of Fighters -GameBoy Advance Version" is currently 30% complete; it is not known if character voices will be present in the game, nor what quality the music will be. While the power meter seems to visually comply to the KOF99 game system and actions such as dash and roll seem to be present in the game, no official details have been released regarding to the game's system as well. It is also unknown if the striker system is adopted. Versus play will be available for the game, with the use of the GBA link cable.

"The King Of Fighters -GameBoy Advance Version" is scheduled for release in December, price unknown.

Here's just a taste of the screenshots:

'My lightning strokes dazzle audiences worldwide' - Benimaru Mai v Ralf

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