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Disney Sports on GameCube!!!

by Michael Cole - June 28, 2001, 3:31 pm EDT
Source: Gamesen.nl

Disney's going Mario-style with its cartoon mascots and making a sports series!

Thanks to various Dutch game sites (Gamesen, GameCubers, GCNWorld) PGC is happy to report that EA is publishing a series of Disney sports titles exclusively for the GameCube! These sites have posted a photo taken during E3 of an impressive Donald Duck in an ice hockey uniform.

Donald is a mighty duck!

GCN does cartoon graphics great!

Gamesen also mentions something about Mickey Mouse playing basketball, but there is no photo of this. We know Disney has the graphics down, so now they can focus on gameplay! You can expect various Disney characters to play against one another in all sorts of sports. Although this has been announced as a "series," no one knows for sure if the sports will be separate or in a compilation. Let's just hope there is gameplay to back up these wonderful graphics.

Super special thanks to Patrick Gortjes of Tendostar Network for pointing this out to us!

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