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Most DLC Plans For Theatrhythm Final Bar Line Preliminarily Detailed On eShop

by Donald Theriault - September 13, 2022, 3:15 pm EDT
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So you know when to dodge SaGa or stampede the eShop for the Neo The World Ends With You tracks.

Thanks to the eShop, we have estimates for most of the DLC for the recently-announced Theatrhythm Final Bar Line - this information may change before launch, but as a Digital Deluxe Edition and Premium Digital Deluxe Edition are available for $30 and $50 US over the main price, it should be examined.

All prices in US$.

The "Digital Deluxe Edition" (US$79.99) contains the following planned packs, along with listed prices and their estimated release dates:

  • February 16 - "SaGa Pack" - $4.99, contains tracks "Enraged Battle", "Struggle to the Death", "The Conflict", "Horrible Shadow", "Beat Them Up", "Coup de Grace", "Passionate Rhythm"
  • March 1 - "Live A Live Pack" - $2.99, contains tracks "Go! Go! Steel Titan!", "LIVE * A * LIVE", "Birds Fly, Fish Swim", "Megalomania"
  • March 15 - "The World Ends With You Pack" - $4.49, contains tracks "World Is Yours", "Your Ocean", "Breaking Free", "Twister", "Calling", "Someday"
  • March 29 - "NieR Pack" - price not listed, contains tracks "Dependent Weakling", "Weight of the World", "Amusement Park", "A Beautiful Song", "Emil's Shop"
  • April 12 - "SaGa Pack Vol. 2" - $5.99, contains tracks "The Celestial Protectors", "Battle #4", "Alone", "Battle #5", "Last Battle -T260G-", "Feldschalcht III", "MiBgestalt", "Battle Theme I"

The Premium Digital Deluxe Edition ($99.99) contains the above pack as well as the following:

  • April 26 - "NieR Pack Vol. 2" - $4.49, contains tracks "Fleeting Words / Outsider", "Song of the Ancients / Devola", "Hills of Radiant Winds", "Kaine / Salvation", "Song of the Ancients / Fate", "Shadowlord
  • May 17 - "Chrono Pack" - $4.49, contains "Wings That Cross Time", "Radical Dreamers -Le Tresor Interdit-", "Chrono Trigger", "Boss Battle 2", "Battle With Magus", "Corridors of Time"
  • June 7 - "Chrono Pack Vol. 2" - $4.49, contains "Robo's Theme", "Chrono Cross -Scars of Time-", "Wind Scene", "Frog's Theme", "World Revolution", "To Far Away Times"
  • June 28 - "Mana Pack" - $4.99, contains "Nuclear Fusion", "Battle 2", "In Search of the Sword of Mana", "Swivel", "Powell", "Meridian Child", "Sacrifice Part Three"
  • July 19 - "Octopath Traveler Pack" - contains "Battle At Journey's End", "Primrose, the Dancer", "Daughter of the Dark God", "Octopath Traveler -Main Theme-", "Decisive Battle II"
  • August 9 - "SaGa Pack Vol. 3" - $4.99, contains "Ever Higher", "Title Screen" (pack art shows Romancing Saga 2/3), "Encounter With The Seven Heroes", "The Ultimate Confrontation", "Four Sinistrals Battle I", "Four Sinistrals Battle 2", "The Ultimate Confrontation"
  • August 30 - "Mana Pack Vol. 2" - $4.49, contains "Darkness Nova", "Into the Thick of It", "Danger", "Meridian Dance", "Hometown of Domina", "Bejeweled City In Ruins"
  • September 20 - "Xenogears Pack" - $2.49, contains "Awakening", "Blazing Knights", and "Soaring"
  • October 11 - "DLC Pack Vol. 14" - price and specific contents unknown, six tracks
  • November 1 - "DLC Pack Vol. 15" - price and contents unknown, eight tracks

The songs that are intended to be exclusive to these packs have not been disclosed in full.

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