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Denis Dyack talks on Nintendo.com

by Michael Cole - June 28, 2001, 12:16 am EDT
Source: Nintendo.com

Denis has always been vocal about the GameCube towards press, but this time he talks straight through Nintendo!

Nintendo has posted Quicktime movies of a Nintendo Power interview with president Denis Dyack of Silicon Knights, as well as a transcript of bits and pieces. Although much of what he says is old information , Mr. Dyack makes some interesting comments on SK's new relationship with Nintendo, impressions of both GBA and GameCube, as well as the developer's overall goals.

...the Canadian codeshop has enjoyed a "great learning experience" working with Miyamoto and other crackerjack Nintendo developers and producers both in Japan and stateside. "It's awesome. It's wonderful. It's almost like going to school again."

"Previous to being second party, we were very strong in content, artwork, some technologies. Now that we're in the fold with Nintendo, our ability to create gameplay has gone through the roof."

"I think the Game Boy Advance is an awesome system. We are definitely interested in working on that system. However we are not making any announcements in that regard at this time."

"Those people who were dominating through technology because they could always maintain 60 frames per second or they could do more polygons than someone else...the people who are really going to come to the forefront are the people who can create the best stories and create the best gameplay ideas."

"People are playing more games than watching movies or TV ... we have to bring it to a level where not just the hardcore players want to play but just anyone will want to pick up a stick and say, 'I want to play this game!'"

Make sure to watch the videos to hear it all!

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