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Vote for Planet GameCube!

by Billy Berghammer - June 26, 2001, 10:53 pm PDT
Source: The Webby Awards

The Webby Awards are in full effect! It's like the MTV Movie Awards for the Web. And we didn't get nominated. CLOWNBOATS! Anyhoo...there are "write in ballots" happening! Vote for PGC!

Yeah, we're looking for your

love people! Just a little love. Not even a HUG! All 3 of you who visit Planet GameCube...we need you to nominate Planet GameCube for a Webby!

It takes only a few seconds to vote, and yes, you have to register...but it's quick and relatively painless. Just in case we're one of your favorite sites you visit everyday. Or if you're one of the people who hit refresh every 10 minutes. Or if you are my Dad. C'mon Dad! VOTE DAMMIT!

Hey, it could be worse. We could be asking you to pay for this kind of GameCube/GBA coverage. Cough. Okay, that was a low blow. Sorry. But hell...they weren't nominated either....

ANYHOO! Vote for Planet


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