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Nintendo Direct To Air September 13

by Donald Theriault - September 12, 2022, 10:06 am EDT
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Line forms for the happening bunker on the left, please.

The traditional pre-Tokyo Game Show presentation for Nintendo will return for another round.

Nintendo have announced a Direct tomorrow, to air at 10 a.m. EDT, 7 a.m. PDT, and 1600 CET. It is slated for roughly 40 minutes, and will focus on "Nintendo Switch games launching this winter".

This represents the first full Direct since February, with two game-specific shows (Xenoblade Chronicles 3, Splatoon 3) and a Partner Showcase in the interim.

Due to a period of national mourning in the United Kingdom, Nintendo UK will not be airing the Direct live: the announcements will be posted on the Nintendo Europe social channels and the show will be available as video-on-demand an hour later (1700 CET, 1600 BST).


Luigi DudeSeptember 12, 2022

Here we go folks.  If Breath of the Wild 2 is coming out in the Spring this will be the big reveal.  If it's later 2023 we should get a new teaser at least.  That heavily rumored Metriod Prime remaster will probably be revealed, and if Prime 4 is still coming to the regular Switch I'd imagine a teaser for that game will finally be shown.

Last year there were rumors about a new Donkey Kong so that's a possibility.  We should get a trailer to the new Fire Emblem game that had screen shots leaked early this year.  According to insiders the new Fire Emblem has been done for a while now, but Nintendo was waiting until the Three Houses Warrior game was released before introducing a new Fire Emblem generation.

Would be nice if Game Boy games get added to Nintendo Switch Online.  We've known for years that they have a Gameboy emulator, since it was in the same hack that revealed an NES and SNES emulator before those systems were added.  Earlier this year there was a hack showing Nintendo has been working on a GBA emulator as well.  Wouldnt be surprised if GB games are added to the basic service, and GBA to the Expansion pack.

Oh yeah and we should get a trailer to the Mario Bros movie since that's suppose to come out in the Spring.  So that will be interesting, or horrifying. :-\

nickmitchSeptember 12, 2022

I wonder if it's been long enough for them to finally release Advance Wars. It could be something easy to slot into late winter.

Bungle4September 12, 2022

All aboard the Hype Train!!!

jarodeaSeptember 13, 2022

Quote from: nickmitch

I wonder if it's been long enough for them to finally release Advance Wars. It could be something easy to slot into late winter.

I hope so.

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