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Black and White for GBA?

by Billy Berghammer - June 26, 2001, 10:07 am EDT
Source: Lion Games

And Michael Jackson is moon walking all over the freakin' place. Wrong game. We're talking about Lionhead's game!

Liongames has spoken to Mark Webley the director of Lionhead Studios about the status of all of the ports of B&W. Nothing is mentioned about GameCube...but looks like there might be a slight possibility for Game Boy Advance...

Black & White coming to Mac, Xbox and PS2 and possibly even Gameboy Advance. There seems to be some confusions about the Black & White ports which are in development right now. We've spoken to Mark Webley (Director at Lionhead Studios) about this issue and here's the official word on any existing / cancelled / planned version.

  • PlayStation version is underway at the moment and we are expecting it to be finished within 2-3 months.

  • Playstation 2 and Microsoft Xbox version are also underway - being developed by Black & White Studios - we expect to see them finished (but not released) in June 2002.

  • The Macintosh version is most definitely underway and we hope to see something released before Christmas.

  • The Linux and BeOS never managed to get anywhere. We haven't necessarily given up hope but the publishers we have been speaking to about this are not too optimistic about the marketplace for selling Linux or BeOS titles. Black & White is a VERY big project to convert and I guess for some people the cost of converting it, is just too restrictive.

  • The DreamCast version was probably about 80% complete and was looking fantastic but Sega & Lionhead both decided that it was probably not a good thing to continue developing in the current climate. Which is a big shame.

  • We are also working with another team to see if we can get a Gameboy-Color or a Gameboy Advance version of Black & White underway, but this is proving to be a hard thing to get moving.

    We're deeply sorry about the Dreamcast version, it's a shame that it will never happen. Never the less, Black & White on Gameboy Advance sure sounds interesting.

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