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Castlevania CotM Music!

by David Trammell - June 26, 2001, 12:58 pm EDT

Over the next couple of days, we'll be uploading some music from Castlevania CotM.

The Castlevania series has always been known for its good music. Even the N64 versions had a couple of notable tracks. Today is the last day of music for Castlevania fans, so enjoy!

08 Observation Tower.mp3 (0:38) - 303 KB This track, as any Castlevania fan should know, has been featured in nearly half of the games in the series. It was first heard in the original game on the first level, and again in the third game. Then it reappeared in the fourth and fifth games, and it's made the cut for Circle of the Moon as well.

09 Dracula.mp3 (1:15) - 590 KB The final track we leave you with is from the final battle in the game. As far as I know, this is an all knew them composed especially for this difficult battle. Although Dracula makes a lot of noise while you fight him, I managed to remove all of the sounds of battle from the track, leaving you with only the music. And with that, this mini-feature of sorts has reached its conclusion.


Day 3

06 Underground Gallery.mp3 (1:15) - 595 KB This track was originally found in Castlevania III and was titled "Aquarius". On this particular stage you fought over a watery battle field and you had to flee rising water after you took out the difficult boss (a flying "Bone Dragon"). It's definitely a classic, and it has a few new measures worked into the music.

07 Underground Warehouse.mp3 (2:06) - 996 KB Yet another classic track from Castlevania's rich tradition of spooky music. This one can be heard in Castlevania IV on stages 4-1 and 4-2. It's actually a composite of the music from both stages which explains its length. This is one of my favorites Castlevania tunes of all time, and I was thrilled too hear it in this game!


Day 2

03 Abyss Stairway.mp3 (1:36) - 756 KB The first track for the day (or night) is the Abyss Stairway. This music is based on music from the "Art Tower" stage of Castlevania Legacy of Darkness (N64). The music hasn't been altered all that much, but the instruments are very different. The original version was orchestrated, but this one includes a punchy bass line among other changes.

04 Machine Tower.mp3 (1:04) - 509 KB This track is loosely based on the Clock Tower music from Castlevania III. Actually, this one is has quite a few new parts to it. You should only recognize the intro and a peice during the middle of the track.

05 Chapel Tower.mp3 (1:24) - 663 KB The final track for today is yet another that I'm uncertain of the origin. I suspect that it's another brand new track made specifically for this game. Either way, the composition is quite good.


Day 1

00 Introduction.mp3 (0:34) - 276 KB This is the intro music for the game. It plays while a short text description of the story is displayed across the screen.

01 Revival.mp3 (0:36) - 290 KB This music plays during the short opening cut-scene, and if you listen, you'll hear it again later in the game.

02 Catacombs.mp3 (1:24) - 660 KB The Catacombs music is from the first major area of the game. Most of the music tracks are remixes of old Castlevania tunes, but I don't recognize this one. Perhaps it comes from one of the old Game Boy titles I missed, or the second half of Legacy of Darkness. Of course, it could be completely original to this game!

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