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Mario Kart Advance gets its official name?

by Billy Berghammer - June 16, 2001, 2:05 pm EDT
Source: Game Boy.com

Mario Kart Advance has always had "tenative name" listed next to it. Now we may have a lead on what the new name is. Plus, some bad news about the US release date.

If you head on over to the Game Boy Advance release list, you'll see Mario Kart Advance is now listed as Mario Kart Super Circuit!

Is this the new name? Well, we're not 100% positive. I mean, we've seen mystery titles like Mario Sunshine listed, as well as GameCube games that have been reportedly cancelled. Needless to say, we're looking into it.

Also something to note...this page also lists the release date as August 27th. BOOOOO! Well no boo if you're planning on importing this game from Japan on July 21st.

Thanks to helper buddy Mabro for the mad hook!

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