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Revolution Software confirms several GBA titles

by Jonathan Metts - June 13, 2001, 5:26 pm EDT
Source: GameSpot VG

The developer of the Broken Sword series talks about GBA, the upcoming handheld port of the first Broken Sword, and their future plans for the system.

In an interview with Gamespot, Revolution Software has confirmed that in addition to the port of the original Broken Sword, they are also planning to convert the game's two sequels to GBA, along with original handheld games in the series and a port of Beneath the Steel Sky.

Tony Warriner, a lead programmer at Revolution, says the GBA version of Broken Sword will utilize a direct-control method for the main character, as opposed to the old mouse/pointer interface a la Myst. He also promises that the handheld BS will contain a new "hidden treasure" mode.

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