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Something Interesting on the back of the GBA box

by Max Lake - June 11, 2001, 10:54 pm EDT
Source: SillyMrMan

PGC Retail Reporter "SillyMrMan" has submitted another report: Nintendo has made a sneak attack on unsuspecting consumers!

PGC’s Retail Reporter pal, “SillyMrMan” (who also goes by the name “Eric” but he’s more notorious & anonymous under his other handle) has helped us out a few times and we’ve kept in touch. He came to me tonight to point out something some people had overlooked.

“Have you seen the American GBA box?”

I told him I hadn’t. So he described it. I asked him to write up something about it for PGC and he provided scans.

Here’s what he cooked up:

SillyMrMan says:

Nintendo was not kidding when they stated that the GBA would be a Trojan Horse for the GAMECUBE. Appearing in interviews, posters, and Internet media, the ability to link your GBA into your GAMECUBE and use it as an extra controller has been regarded by Nintendo as a hype-point and soon to be a

selling point.

Although Nintendo has yet to release information on how the GBA will actually physically be used in conjunction with the GAMECUBE and with what games, they have stated that it will be well worth it. In fact, in the United States they have already begun their campaign for total console world-domination: on the back of the US GBA boxes, dead center, is a picture of the two systems mutually benefiting from what the other has to offer. No games are shown but a quote on the side says the following: "On specially designed games, Game Boy Advance can be connected directly to the NINTENDO GAMECUBE(tm) for use as an additional game screen and controller!"

Many speculations have been made about different uses for this connection but Nintendo has kept their ideas and innovations behind locked doors. With this addition to the colorful images on the back of the GBA, we can consider Nintendo a marketing genius. About 99% or more of users will at least glance at the back of their GBA box and whether they consciously realize it or not, they have just been made aware of Nintendo's next Goliath, the GAMECUBE. Trojan Horse indeed!

Here are the scans:

Back of the American GBA box

Back of the American GBA box - close up

Thanks again SillyMrMan!

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