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The GBA is NOT Anger Proof!

by Max Lake - June 11, 2001, 9:03 pm EDT

A public service announcement! PGC encourages you not to take in-game frustration out on your GBA. Read one man’s tragic tale and take heed!!

As the Game Boy Advance was released to stores today and many PGC readers got their units today (or will sometime this week), we'd like to share an unfortunate story of anger and the GBA that suffered for it. One of our readers (who will remain nameless) submitted his tale of woe. We did not edit this fellow’s email and appears as we received it:

“Today I was playing THPS2 on my import GBA when I got angry and smacked the GBA! It wasn't a violent smack! Just a smach! and the screen cracked and ink was spreading in the GBA! THATS HORRIBLE! I then became inraged and beat the GBA with a hammer like Ike beats Tina!”


“Now i gotta buy another GBA!!! This pisses me off soooooooo much! I just wanna kill someone!”

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