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Retail Report: Two more GBA titles on shelves!

by Jonathan Metts - June 8, 2001, 1:11 pm EDT

Fire Pro Wrestling Advance and Super Dodgeball Advance are on shelves NOW at a store near you...

Just got a call from my sis, who works at a national game retail chain in town. She says they just got in three copies of Fire Pro Wrestling Advance and two copies of Super Dodgeball Advance, and they have both titles up for sale already. Fire Pro was scheduled today according to an earlier retail report we brought to you, but Dodgeball is arriving at stores a full three days earlier than previously expected. Stay tuned to PGC for reviews of these and all other GBA launch titles very soon!

UPDATE: I didn't realize the extent of her store's GBA selection at first. She made a list of every game they have on shelves...fifteen in all. I think this is every game except Mario and F-Zero, which Nintendo will be as strict about as the hardware itself. Check it out:

Army Men Advance


Chu Chu Rocket

Earth Worm Jim

Fire Pro Wrestling

GT Advance

Konami Krazy Racers

Namco Museum

Pinobee: Wings of Adventure


Super Dodgeball

Ready 2 Rumble Round 2

Rayman Advance

Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2

Iridion 3D

If you've got an import system, this is quite the selection of new games to pick from! Probably not every store will have this spread yet, but most of them should have all fifteen of these games on the shelves by Monday at the latest, and of course then they'll be joined by Nintendo's two and then we'll all be intertwined in a mass GBA-love zone.

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