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Advance Team Tour Coverage!

by Max Lake - June 5, 2001, 5:42 pm EDT
Source: Gaming Target

Although Justin Nation met up with the Advance Team Tour in Philly, another site, Gaming Target has some in-depth coverage of the event.

Up until just a bit ago, I'd never heard of Gaming Target. Then, one of its staff, Matt Swider, emailed me and told me about the site & it's coverage of the Advance Team Tour in Philly. Matt pointed out that we had made it too, but their coverage was nothing like ours. He's right! Justin just caught the tail end of the presentation. Luckily Gaming Target was there to cover the event in full! Good work guys!

Gaming Target's coverage includes a full report, pictures and an interview. It gives a good impression of what you can expect should you decide to meet up with the Team Advance.

What are you waiting for? Check it out!

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