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Creators of GBC Zeldas chat

by Max Lake - June 5, 2001, 1:42 pm PDT
Source: Video Senki

Two Zelda games for the GBC were just released in North America & PGC has found a Q&A w/its creators: EAD’s Shigeru Miyamoto, Capcom/Flagship’s Yoshiki Okamoto and Capcom’s Yoshifumi Yamashita.

I was just browsing through one of my favorite sites, Video Senki and recommended it to Mike Sklens. He found this interview, which we both enjoyed:

Freelance writer and Nintendo's #1 Japanese fan Shigesato Itoi was wondering the same thing. So he rounded up Shigeru Miyamoto, producer Yoshiki Okamoto and director Yoshifumi Yamashita to explore the process behind what'll probably be the last Game Boy Color title worth caring about. The resulting interview is long and meandering, but oodles of fun to read. And there is Zelda game content in here, too, if you're patient.

The interview was conducted in Japan some time ago (by the Hobo Nikkan Itoi Shimbun on February 9, 2000) prior to the release of the games. The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons and The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages have just been released in North America, so we figure PGC readers might wanna check this enjoyable translated chat with these renowned game developers.

In the interview, Okamoto admits he was a bit over confident in tackling the GB Zelda projects and in the end had to ask Miyamoto for help. He describes the time when he turned to Miyamoto for help, in a somewhat humorous exchange:

Okamoto: But then Yamashita, who had zero experience with the project up until then, became director, and the staff got all switched around at the last minute. So I decided to take control of the project under the divine guidance of Shigeru Miyamoto. When I tell my staff "Because Shigeru Miyamoto said so!" they really get to work. (laughs) I don't even have to say that; just "Shigeru Miyamoto".

Miyamoto: With no explanation. (laughs)

Okamoto: Yeah, yeah, it doesn't matter. Like, I say "Shigeru Miyamoto!" and my staff's like "Y-yyes sir!!" like they're prostrating themselves before me. That's why...

Q: It gets things done.

Okamoto: Mmmm, right. Just saying "Okamoto!" doesn't work at all.

Miyamoto: That's becuase you're never there. You're always overseas somewhere. (laughs)

Okamoto: Right, I'm away from all this.

Miyamoto: I'm not going to deny this, but with Mario or Zelda, people that grew up playing these games are now the ones involved in producing them, and they just go all out on these projects. I really appreciate that.

Okamoto: I didn't realize it'd make them go all out this much...

Miyamoto: They don't want to make anything embarrassing.

The interview contains a lot more information on the games and is a very nice insight into these talented creators. Check it out.

Since the release of the GBC Zelda games in Japan, Okamoto has recently expressed interested in working with Miyamoto again on GameCube projects.

Okamoto: “…even though we have no official agreement, I would love to work with him once again.”

Billy and I have the GBC Zelda games. I have Ages and he has Seasons. Look forward to our thoughts on these games soon.

Meanwhile, check out this fantastic frickin’ interview!

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