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Natsume All Over GBA and GameCube

by Jonathan Metts - May 21, 2001, 1:03 pm EDT
Source: Natsume

The niche publisher of Harvest Moon confirms support for both of Nintendo's upcoming systems. First game details inside!

Saturday I got the chance to chat with Natsume about their Nintendo plans. They admitted that a large portion of their fanbase was dependent on Nintendo systems, so of course they're going to support GameCube and GBA.

Natsume currently has two GameCube games in development, though they won't be ready for unveiling for a couple more months. So far they are loving the system though. I was also assured that it would be silly not to continue the Harvest Moon series on Nintendo's consoles, but they can't actually confirm anything yet.

As for GBA, we have a little more info. The first game up is a brand new Pocky & Rocky title! It'll hit your favorite next-gen handheld in Q3 2001, and we should have screens and more details on it within two weeks.

The other two games are still early: Car Battle Go! is just what the name implies, mixed in with some RPG elements for good measure. Finally we have a medieval RPG, but that's about all Natsume could tell me about it. (It has a name, but it's all Japanese and I sure couldn't have translated it into Engrish.) Both of these GBA titles will be ready in Q4 2001, and we'll also have new info and screens of them very soon.

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