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Retro Rare on GBA?

by Max Lake - May 5, 2001, 1:01 pm EDT
Source: Rareware.com

Once again, Rare proves it's most vague comments are something to take note of - maybe.

Rareware is certainly one of the more cryptic and playful game companies out there but also one of the most talented. Fans of the almighty company’s work hang on their every word & every obscure clue in trying to discover what will come next.

With E3 approaching, we’re sure Rare has some great surprises for us. Better yet, Rare likely be showcasing games for both of Nintendo’s next systems – GameCube and Game Boy Advance. While we’re hoping Killer Instinct 3 will make an appearance and wonder if we’ll find out what happened to Dinosaur Planet, there’s also the question of what we will see on GBA from Rare.

In the latest Scribes on Rare’s site, some one wrote in to say how much they enjoyed playing Rare’s classic Jet Pac in Donkey Kong 64 & if there is any plans to make a new version of the game. The response is vague but also very promising:

No current plans that I know of, but the likelihood of resurrecting past series does seem to have taken a leap up with the advent of the good old GBA. So keep your eyes peeled.

Nothing specific – but there are many past series Rare could resurrect. Games like RC Pro Am or Cobra Triangle would be good choices but there’s also Rare’s pre-NES work as the company Ultimate, which created a lot of classic, highly regarded games. For a look at possible candidates Rare might consider reviving from its vaults, check out Rare’s Retro section.

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