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Nintendo Of Europe Dropping Price Of Current Model Switch Ahead Of OLED Model Launch

by Donald Theriault - September 13, 2021, 9:09 am EDT
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A logical move unless you're planning to trade the old one in to upgrade.

The trade price of the Switch is dropping across Europe as we move toward the OLED in a few weeks.

Nintendo have confirmed a reduction in the trade price (price paid by retailers) of the Switch, and the price when buying directly from a regional Nintendo store has been reduced to €269.99 (down €60) in Europe and £259.99 (down £20) in the United Kingdom. As Nintendo of Europe does not set recommended retail prices other retailers may go lower, but Amazon's European branches are matching the Nintendo price.

In a statement to Video Games Chronicle, NoE cited improved exchange rates and the need to differentiate between the Switch (regular) and Switch OLED as the reasons for the reduction.

Although Nintendo of America has not confirmed a price drop of the Switch for the United States market, Canadian retailers yesterday began selling the Switch for C$379.99 with no defined end date: this was the price the system launched at before increasing to $399.99 when the Switch chipset was revised in August 2019.

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