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Guilty Gear X coming to GBA?

by Max Lake - April 30, 2001, 5:47 pm EDT
Source: Magic Box

Rumor has it that the underrated fighting game might be converted to handheld form...

A recent RUMOR from Magic Box states that Sammy / Arc System Works are planning to port their popular 2D weapon fighting game Guilty Gear X to both PlayStation 2 and GameBoy Advance. Supposedly, an officially announcement will be made within the next few weeks.

Guilty Gear X on Dreamcast has been quite popular with the importing crowd & is the sequel to the first Guilty Gear, which appeared on PSX. Considered by many fighting fans to be highly underrated series, Guilty Gear is a 2D fighter with depth. The control is simple & comparable to Street Fighter yet with many unique twists all its own. For example, Guilty Gear does not reward “turtles” –players who block all the time—and also has an adjustable scale so that attacks do varying amount of damage depending on a few key factors (who the move is used against, how the move is used & how much damage the opponent has already taken).

The name in Guilty Gear comes from its story, where “Gears” are bio-engineered weapons. In the first game, a Gear named Justice went rogue, took control of all other gears and tried to destroy humanity—only to be stopped by the warrior characters of the game. Guilty Gear X begins with a new Gear going bad and a $500,000 bounty has been placed.

Magic Box is usually pretty reliable when it comes to rumors (we first caught some of the first Nintendo / Sega rumblings there) so here’s hoping this becomes official soon.

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