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Risk of Rain 2 Receives its Anniversary Update On Switch Today

by Matthew Zawodniak - August 17, 2021, 3:05 pm EDT
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Featuring the Bandit, an updated Commenement, and more!

After five months, the Switch version of Risk of Rain 2 will finally be receiving the free Anniversary Update, adding a plethora of new content.

Originally released on PC in March (as well as Xbox and Playstation consoles in June), the Anniversary Update celebrates a major milestone for the game with a bunch of new free content such as playable characters, more unlockable abilities, several new items, and a variety of quality of life updates and improvements. The biggest change is a rework of Commencement, the game's final stage where players must now complete a series of challenges before they're able to advance to the final boss.

With this update the Switch version now has parity with the PC release, which is the game's primary development platform. Developer Hopoo Games has stated in the past that the Anniversary Update was focused on polishing the game as a whole while completing content that was cut from the original 1.0 release in 2020. An additional paid expansion is planned for later this year, with Hopoo stating their goal is to ship the DLC on all platforms simultaneously. Details on the first expansion can be found in the road map on the game's official website.

Our original review of Risk of Rain 2 was left unscored due to the game's early access status at the time. Now that the game has exited early access and received a major content update, we plan to revisit our review soon.

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