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Nintendo Power ADVANCE Details

by Jonathan Metts - April 20, 2001, 1:05 pm EDT
Source: Nintendo Power Magazine

The newest issue of NP has new info on the GBA-only version of the legendary magazine...and how it will affect subscribers.

The latest issue of Nintendo Power magazine has a notice regarding the upcoming sister publication, Nintendo Power Advance:

THE PROBLEM: Game Boy Advance titles are bigger and more complex than anything you've ever experienced in a handheld game.


THE ANSWER: If you want to get the best strategy coverage of the top GBA games, there's a new source from the pros at Nintendo. Each quarterly volume of Nintendo Power Advance will highlight a handful of the best GBA titles. You'll find the sort of complete coverage you can get only with Nintendo's Official Player's Guides- maps, step-by-step strategies and everything you need to know to beat the game. You'll also get a comprehensive buyer's guide, which reviews recently released GBA titles, so you'll know what's out there.

Towards the bottom of the page, there's also a note for current NP subscribers:

Attention Current Nintendo Power Subscribers!

If you currently subscribe to Nintendo Power magazine, you'll get the first issue of NINTENDO POWER ADVANCE as a free bonus. We hope you enjoy it. After that, you can find new issues of NINTENDO POWER ADVANCE every three months on the newsstand.

Big thanks to my buddy Frank Talarico for digging this up for us!

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