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Sega's NGC plans

by Mike Sklens - April 19, 2001, 12:19 pm EDT
Source: Gaming-Age Forum

Sega sheds some light on its GameCube stance.

Sega announced in Japan today that two of their development teams, Sonic Team and Amusement Vision are currently working on games for the Nintendo GAMECUBE console. No titles have been announced yet, but are likely to be revealed at E3 next month.

So, what does this mean for GameCube? This means top-notch Sega titles. Everything Sonic Team has created is fantastic. They are one of the best videogame developers out there. Sonic Team has created such hits as Sonic the Hedgehog and Phantasy Star Online. The other development team, Amusement Vision, developed Virtua Striker and the Daytona racing games.

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