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Want a Limited Edition Pokemon GBA?

by Rick Powers - April 6, 2001, 12:40 pm EDT
Source: Upstate Games

Upstate Games is taking orders for the Limited Editon Pokemon GBA. Or, if you want a pink one, get it with NO import markup! Read on ...

Apparently, Upstate Games feels that they can import enough of the special Pokemon Center GameBoy Advance units to sell through their site ... so if you want one, you'd better get on the ball. Total cost is $184.99 with shipping, and that's without a game. Not bad considering these are easily selling for 200-300% over the retail price. Orders are supposed to ship on April 16th. Limit one per person.

Interestingly enough, pre-orders for the Milky Pink GBA are at $99.99 before shipping ... pretty much retail price. Bear in mind, this doesn't mean Upstate is losing money, they probably came out ahead with the favorable exchange rate. If you can't wait for launch, but refuse to pay more than retail (and $5 shipping), and don't mind having a pink GBA, this is the way to go. Shipping is at the END of April.

Upstate has also reorganized the GBA page, moving games like F-Zero and Mario Advance to the bottom of the page. We're not sure why. But if you want to order one of those games, scroll to the bottom.

On a side note, the orders placed previously for GameBoy Advance import units (around the time we ran the last story) were shipping this week. Estimated delivery time is 5-7 days.

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