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GBA Colors go Crazy!!!!!11!!1!!11

by Michael Cole - March 31, 2001, 11:08 pm EST
Source: Camelot

3 new color patterns, baby! See it here at the Planet first!

Thanks to Camelot, the Planet has uncovered 3 new casings for the GBA. First up is the previously rumored Pink Cherry:

Cherry Pink

Next up is Rainbow:


And the craziest one, AYU Panther:

AYU Panther

Is this a sign that Camelot might be becoming a Nintendo second-party? Or is it just an April Fool's joke from Camelot? Well, as odd as these colors are, it's probably the latter... But hey, ya never know! It is April 1st, and the Rainbow looks like something done poorly in Photoshop. Is Camelot poking fun at M$? Could be. Either way, it's fun to see these pics!

UPDATE: Yes, as we suspected, this is a complete parody of Microsoft's insulting display last month. Just like in the Amped picture, The word ADOBE can be found near the beginning of each picture's coding via Notepad. (Yes, even little Pinky.) HAAHAHAHAH! Well done, Camelot. It seems that the M$'s Chicanery is famous throughout the industry! :-)

UPDATE: A few hours after we posted this story on PGC, Camelot updated this page with a single sentence in English:

"Hi. This page is just a JOKE of April fool. Please don't ask to Nintendo about this page. Thank you."

Sorry folks, looks like you won't be able to get the stylish AYU Panther GBAs or Phish-fan friendly Rainbow GBAs after all. Cute joke Camelot! (Especially with the obvious Adobe gag/jab to M$!)

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