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Going, Going.....SOLD!

by Michael Cole - March 29, 2001, 1:52 pm EST
Source: MCV USA

Come see the GBA numbers, and how the system stacked up against the others!

MCV has come up with a rough estimate of the GBA product quantaties sold with the help of Media Create.

531,000 units of hardware were sold in the week ended March 25 after just four days on sale. Comparatively, in the same week PlayStation 2 sold through 70,000 units, Dreamcast 29,000 units, Game Boy Color 15,000 units, Wonder Swan Color 11,000 units, N64 4,000 units and the PS One 4,000 units.

The site goes on to list the top 10 titles and their numbers. Keep in mind that the titles are more than likely to change position, as many that were sold out were also produced in different amounts.

1. Super Mario Advance 159,000

2. F-Zero 80,000

3. Power Pro Kun 77,000

4. Yugioh 56,000

5. Rockman EXE 46,000

6. Mr Driller 2 42,000

7. Kurukuru Kururin 34,000

8. Castlevania 23,000

9. Napoleon 14,000

10. Wai Wai Racing 13,000

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