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Nintendo Releases Fiscal Year Earnings And 2021-22 Guidance

by Donald Theriault - May 6, 2021, 6:51 am EDT
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Let's see if we can find a "Switch Pro" in here somewhere...

Nintendo have released their results for the fiscal year spanning April 1, 2020 to March 31, 2021 overnight (NA tiime), along with their estimates for the now-current fiscal year.

All numbers reported in yen: a rounded comparison based on an exchange rate of 109.166 yen to the US$ is provided for clarification only.

Financial Reports

Revenue: ¥1,758,910,000,000 ($16.112b) for the year, ¥354,447m ($3.247b) of which was in the 4th quarter.

Operating income: ¥640,634m ($5.868b) for the year, ¥150,766m ($1.095b) for Q4.

Ordinary income: ¥678,996m ($6.219b) for the year, ¥86.620m ($1.381b) for Q4.

Digital sales: ¥344.1b ($3.152b) for the year, ¥88.1b ($807m) for Q4.

Mobile/IP revenue: ¥57b ($522m) for the year, ¥15b ($138m) for Q4.

Hardware Sales

Nintendo's shipments for the fiscal year came to a total of 28.83m, with 4.8m in the fourth quarter. The breakdown for the quarter was 3,62m Switches and 1.18m Switch Lites. The Switch's life-to-date shipments now total 84.59m, putting it past the Game Boy Advance's 81.51m: should it meet its guidance for hardware (below), it would surpass the Wii to become the best selling Nintendo home console ever and the third-best selling platform behind the Game Boy (Color) and the Nintendo DS.

Software Highlights

Nintendo had three software launches in the quarter worldwide, though Buddy Mission: BOND was only sold in Japan while Bravely Default II was only published by Nintendo in the rest of the world. Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury, the main game of the quarter, shipped 5.59m copies (to retail + digital): for comparison, the Wii U original shipped 5.86m copies in its lifetime.

Other software highlights: Animal Crossing and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe continued their battle to be the best selling Switch title with respective shipments of 1.45m and 1.98m, for total LTD of 32.63m and 35.39m respectively. The Switch's 20m club also grew with Smash Bros. shipping 990k, Breath of the Wild shipping 830k, Pokemon Sword and Shield shipping 750k, and Super Mario Odyssey shipping 600k. The new LTDs are 23.84m, 22.28m, 21.1m, and 20.83m respectively. Mario 3D All-Stars wrapped its intended shipments with a quarter of 690k and a new LTD of 9.01m, while Ring Fit Adventure is the newest member of the Switch's 10 million club with 1.43m in the quarter and 10.11m overall.

The image for this post is a list of all Nintendo-published Switch titles that shipped 1m copies or more in the fiscal year.


For financial indicators: 1,600b in revenue, 500b operating profit, 400b ordinary profit.

Hardware and software predictions: 25.5m combined Switch shipments, 190m units of software.

No unannounced changes to the release slate at this time. Nintendo is citing the continued effects of the global pandemic and the global semiconductor shortage for the projections being down year-over-year from their current position.


Illumination Entertainment CEO Chris Meledandri has been nominated to Nintendo's board of directors with the election to occur at the Nintendo annual meeting of shareholders on 29 June. Illumination is working with Nintendo on the Super Mario Bros. animated film and recently expressed interest in continuing the relationship with Nintendo.


LemonadeMay 06, 2021

Mr Movie Man being nominated for the board sure is an interesting bit of news. Someone must think the Mario Movie is going well.

EnnerMay 06, 2021

The longest TBA.

(There's probably been a longer time of TBA, I hope.)

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